Stability AI, gunning for a hit, launches an AI-powered music generator

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Record & upload your real voice to create a personalized Avatar, or simply type in the text that you want. There’s a wide range of voices with over 300+ to choose from. Another great feature of Pictory is that you can create shareable video highlight reels, which proves useful for those looking to create trailers or share short Yakov Livshits clips on social media. Besides these great features, you can also automatically caption your videos and automatically summarize long videos. The one downside is that free videos feature a Visla-branded splash screen at the end (which you can trim off the downloaded video using even a basic free app like QuickTime Player).

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This is one of the core use cases for which we created Speechify Voice Over Studio. Create polished AI videos for YouTube or YouTube Shorts and grow your reach. Register to access the on-demand library for all of our featured sessions. Generative AI will grow from less than 5% of game development now to 50% or more in the next five to 10 years, according to a study by global consulting firm Bain & Company. Thus, with this AI-powered assistant, your video will be mistake-free and become more visually appealing to viewers, thus effectively boosting the engagement of your campaigns. However, I noticed that AI seemed to ignore the spacings between each sentence on the default settings, although I did separate my script into several paragraphs.


An AI video generator is a sophisticated tool that uses artificial intelligence (AI) to create high-quality videos. By utilizing machine learning and complex algorithms, it automates video production and editing, making it more efficient and accessible even for beginners. Synthesia is an AI video creator that uses advanced natural Yakov Livshits language processing (NLP) and machine learning algorithms to create high-quality videos from text in over 120 languages without any actors, cameras, or mics. It’s perfect for small businesses that need some extra content but can’t afford to hire professionals, or for people who wish to create videos for personal use.

generative video ai

This tool also empowers you to reach a broader audience by leveraging its auto-translation feature. Discover the top 11 AI tools for generating videos in this article. Explore a range of powerful platforms that leverage artificial intelligence to transform text into engaging video content. From text-to-speech technology to automated video creation, uncover the best AI tools to streamline your video production process and create captivating videos with ease. HeyGen provides a variety of helpful tools and features for users to generate videos in minutes. Users can choose from 300+ voices available in 40+ languages.

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With Deepbrain AI, users can create videos by uploading their script and using the text-to-speech feature. The platform will then generate a video in five minutes or less. You can manually type in the script or copy and paste it into the platform. All these features are easy to use, coming together into a fully-fledged video editing app. If you have trouble using them, Wondershare has landing pages on their website to explain each one in depth.

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Kapwing’s AI Video Generator is your perfect sidekick to kick off any video you have in mind, so you can win back time spent planning on how to start a video. Lastly, if you run a lot of video meetings and use that for content creation of some sort, Visla can also double as a meeting assistant, recording your meetings so you can save them for the long run. More than that, you can extract snippets of these meetings to share with your team. When you start a new project, you’ll see boxes to input your script. If you click on the voice’s name, you can browse a library of voices and pick your favorite one.

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Your new video will be ready in minutes, much faster than other video editing tools. Languages – Synthesia’s AI can generate videos in as many as 40 languages. I have created one based on my native language, Thai, and found out that the voiceover quality is as high-quality Yakov Livshits as the English one. Video Maker – You can use AI to generate a video from the script within minutes. Unlike many other video maker software, Synthesia can create a video up to 30 minutes long, thus suitable for creating engaging Youtube or training videos.

Amazon launches generative AI tool for sellers to create product … – SiliconANGLE News

Amazon launches generative AI tool for sellers to create product ….

Posted: Wed, 13 Sep 2023 23:22:44 GMT [source]

Creating video content using generative AI is as easy as these 5 steps. Generate high-quality voiceovers from text in 120+ languages. Use generative AI to create high-quality videos without cameras, microphones, or actors. Out of the three, Netflix, is most locked into its business model and will likely find it hard to dramatically change.

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It doubled down on the closed, Hollywood-style production system by hiring expensive creators and actors. Instead of empowering individual creators as YouTube and TikTok have done, Quibi placed its bets on brand name creators and actors. In return, it got poor (likely second-tier) content that just didn’t work. That is because it targeted Millennials and Gen Z but without fostering creators in those age groups. Also, surprisingly, it didn’t use AI to determine what content to produce (although it used AI to recommend viewers what to watch).

Amid spread of AI tools, advocates for new digital standard say it would help sort fact from fiction – ABC News

Amid spread of AI tools, advocates for new digital standard say it would help sort fact from fiction.

Posted: Sun, 20 Aug 2023 07:00:00 GMT [source]

For instance, tell ChatGPT to draft an email that asks someone for their bank account number, and it refuses, saying, “I’m very sorry, but I can’t assist with that request.” Yet it remains easy to manipulate. None of this depends on using AI, but AI tools can make the scammers more efficient and believable in their ploys. JPMorgan, Bank of America and Wells Fargo all declined to comment on the challenges they’re facing with generative AI-powered fraud. A spokesperson for Chime, the largest digital bank in America and one that has suffered in the past from major fraud problems, says it hasn’t seen a rise in generative AI-related fraud attempts. Increasingly, the criminals are using generative AI to outsmart the fraud-prevention specialists—the tech companies that function as the armed guards and Brinks trucks of today’s largely digital financial system.